Jewelry is an investment, and its price tag often reflects that status. But there is a way to get the beautiful, high-quality pieces you desire without taking out a second mortgage. How? Buying pre-owned and/or trading in used items for new. Below are some advantages to coming by your jewelry secondhand. Value Buying previously owned […]


At Eiseman Jewels, we love being a part of our customers’ love stories. Couples like Natalie and Houston make our work so fulfilling. Natalie was kind enough to share some of the details of her engagement to Houston, as well as their ring shopping experience at Eiseman Jewels. Was this your first purchase with Eiseman Jewels? […]


Luxury timepieces are meant to give their owners decades of trouble-free wear. You’ve probably spent a great deal of time and money on your automatic watches, and you may even be looking to pass your luxury timepieces down as heirlooms. To ensure their efficiency and proper care, it’s vital to keep these timepieces secure in a […]


Awards season kicked off in high style on Sunday night with the 2016 Emmy Awards. As beautiful as some of the gowns were, they couldn’t hold a candle to the breathtaking jewelry on display. Here are some of the trends we spotted on this year’s Emmy red carpet. All the Emmys’ Red Carpet Styles In […]


Your jewelry collection is filled with beautiful pieces that mean a great deal to you. That’s why it’s important to take good care of your fine jewelry and have it professionally maintained on a regular basis. Read on to learn how you can assure a long life for your most precious possessions. Have Your Jewelry Inspected […]


At Eiseman Jewels, we love helping couples get the perfect start to their happily ever after with the perfect engagement ring. Deidra and Karl are just one of those happy couples. The two met during their college freshman orientation and recently became engaged after five years of dating. Deidra was kind enough to share their story […]


Deep blue sapphires have long been associated with royalty — that’s why you often hear this color called “royal blue.” The most famous royal sapphire is the engagement ring given to Lady Diana Spencer by England’s Prince Charles in 1981. It’s now worn by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and features an 18-carat oval blue […]


Just as the histories of art and fashion are defined by distinct stylistic eras, so too is the history of jewelry. Jewelry trends tend to reflect the social and economic changes of the times, which is why vintage and heirloom jewelry pieces make wonderful historical artifacts as well as eye-catching fashion statements. Let’s take a […]


What determines a diamond’s value, besides whether or not you fall in love with it when you slip it on your finger? One of the most influential factors in determining the value of a diamond is its brilliance: the amount of light its facets reflect. A stone’s level of brilliance (and therefore its quality) depends […]


Giving the gift of fine jewelry is always a good way to let someone know how much you care. But if you’re looking to go above and beyond for that special someone, consider having a personalized message engraved on a pendant, watch or ring. A sweet note of love, appreciation or friendship is just the thing […]