Important Diamond Designs

Andre E. Vorster, Eiseman’s Director of Diamond Services advises:

Your selection of Important Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry should first be guided by value. Value encompasses quality, price, beauty and salability should the desire arise. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Certificates are a valuable asset, if professionally interpreted. Two identically graded diamonds in color, clarity and size may differ up to 30% in value, therefore a certificate is only part of the equation in acquiring a diamond.

Experts do not acquire diamonds from “buying the paper” (the certificate) online by email or fax, it will not give you the visual opportunity necessary to judge shape, brilliance, symmetry, and overall beauty of the gem in most cases. Our expertise can assure you the diamond you acquire will fulfill all your desires insuring your investment will have a greater opportunity to appreciate in the future with less depreciation in the present.