Richard & Louise Eiseman

Richard Eiseman, Jr.
It’s very clear to Richard Eiseman, Jr. what makes Eiseman Jewels different than other stores. That’s because he happens to be an expert on the subject, knowing first-hand what it takes to be successful in today’s marketplace. Here, he shares some thoughts on building customer loyalty, the value of consistency, and the importance of doing the right thing.

What makes Eiseman Jewels different:
According to Richard, it’s the inherent design. “Our sales staff is committed to building relationships, not making sales. Customers who come in are given a lot of time, care and service. Our business is built on return buyers. They remember the experience they had in our store and come back because they’re comfortable.”

Favorite part of the business:
“Seeing the happiness that our jewelry brings to the recipient and, oftentimes, the next generation.” Richard also takes great pride in watching his team develop. “Their vision and contributions are instrumental in the growth of our business.”

Vision for the future…
As stores get larger, corporations change hands and franchises become the way of the world, businesses like Eiseman’s have to have a well-defined vision, says Richard. “We’ll continue to serve our clients on an individual basis.

Louise Eiseman
Louise Eiseman loves the idea that some of the same customers who purchased their engagement rings from her husband now return to buy 20th anniversary gifts from her son. And though she may not be active in the family business on a day-to-day basis, she provides some timeless insights on the past with husband Richard “Dick” Eiseman, Sr., relationships, and the one piece of jewelry every woman wants in her wardrobe.

Most important qualities in a person…and a business:
“Honesty, integrity and reliability. Dick and I passed these values across the dinner table to our children.”

Her favorite piece of jewelry:
“If you can only afford one piece of jewelry, make it a strand of pearls. Small or huge, it doesn’t matter. You can wear them morning, noon or night.”

What she wants customers to know:
“That we’re here for them with the very best personal service and attention. Hopefully forever.”